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Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Jerusalem | the Three Religions side-by-side

Welcome to the holiest land on earth, the birthplace of Jesus, the spot where prophet Muhammed ascended to heaven, and the Ark of the Covenant secret place! A glamorous pearl situated between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea! Steeped in history, Jerusalem is such a treat to explore, being one of the greatest cities in the world. As soon as you arrive, you will be stunned by the spiritual vibes as the three Abrahamic Religions collide in a magical blend.

Jerusalem…. historical, prominent, fascinating, and never ever boring!

With a staggering history scope and glorious landmarks, we can’t really decide which are the key points of interest. You must pack your bags and decide for yourself! But, we must warn you; it takes a lifetime to explore this bliss of wonders. A wealth that leaves you with a gleam in your eyes! Ready to satisfy your wanderlust?!

Old City of Jerusalem

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

How will you feel if you know that you’re standing where Jesus was crucified? Or where Prophet Lot lived?

Considered the world’s religious epicenter, the surreal city of Jerusalem is an important pilgrimage spot for Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike. Want to atone for your sins? – Travel across the holy city and confess your mistakes in one of the prominent churches there. Yes, the number of religious spots is just baffling! Mind-blowing 4000-year archaeological sites? Yes, Jerusalem has this too! Get ready to witness Jerusalem’s intact grandeur!

Temple Mount; Haram Al-Sharif

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Even if you don’t know about Haram Al-Sharif, you can’t just miss the glittering Dome of the Rock, right?! Revered by both Muslims and Christians, Temple Mount is the most recognizable landmark, dominating Jerusalem’s skyline for years. Perhaps, the golden Dome of the Rock its most iconic feature, along with the famous blue mosaics coating its walls. The place is just spectacular, an architectural gem to behold! Lying atop Temple Mount, the significant mosque is the 3rd important Muslim pilgrimage spot, after Mecca and Medina.

It is believed that it is the place where Abraham sacrificed his son to God. Also, it is the location where Solomon built the First Temple to house the Ark of the Covenant. You must know that only Muslims are allowed inside the mosque, but the outside offers a spiritual ambiance like no other. Travel to the mount’s southern side and stop by one of the world’s oldest mosques, Al-Aqsa Mosque. A place of art, culture, religion, and magnificence! 

The Western Wall; the Wailing wall

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Do you know that the Wailing Wall is the only surviving part of Jerusalem’s First Temple?

Built around 2,000 years ago, the Western Wall has become an important pilgrimage for Jews since the Ottoman Empire. According to an ancient belief, this wall has a special directory line straight to Heaven. If you have certain wishes, just write your prayers on a piece of paper and insert it into the cracks between the wall stones. These papers are buried in a special cemetery afterwards. Have your prayers been answered yet?!

The Mount of olives

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Want to get an impressive panoramic view of Jerusalem? – Climb to the top of the Mount of Olives and feast your eyes on the most breathtaking scenery from the peak. The place has an important religious significance, being a large Jewish cemetery. According to the Jews, the dead will be resurrected there on Judgment Day. According to the Christians, it is the spot, where Jesus ascended to heaven just after the crucifixion.

Tour the vast area and visit its noteworthy spots, including the Church of all nations, Church of Mary Magdalene, and Tomb of the Virgin Mary. Also, you will come across the Church of Dominus Flevit, where Jesus wept over Jerusalem. At the foot of the Mount of Olives, the Gardens of Gethsemane has great resonance for Christians, being the place where Jesus was arrested a night before his crucifixion. 

The Garden Tomb

Discovered in 1867, the Garden Tomb is standing proudly just outside the walls of the old city. Many Christians believe that it is the real burial place of Jesus. Although it is still a point of dispute, it is an important pilgrimage site, as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. In any case, the stunning rock-cut tomb, along with the colorful gardens, is worth the visit away from the buzzing city.

The 4 quarters of the walled Old City of Jerusalem

Muslim Quarter

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Want to experience the buzzing life of Jerusalem? – The Muslim Quarter will be your favorite destination. Enter the Quarter through the old Damascus Gate and pick your ears to listen as the impressive wall tell ancient tales of the old city. Stroll through the local Souk, marvel at the surviving Mamluk architecture, and take photos of the 14-century Khan al-Sultan. Roam the wonderful Antonia Street and stop by St. Anne’s Church, the finest example of Crusader architecture. Start your holy journey through Via Dolorosa and you will come across the spellbinding Chapel of the Flagellation, built where Jesus was flogged. If you still have time, visit the Little Wall; Hakotel Hakatan, a Jewish religious site, near the Iron Gate of the Temple Mount.

Christian Quarter

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Pass through the imposing Jaffa Gate, with its ancient wall ramparts, and lose yourself as you get transferred to a distant era. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus when you stroll through the sacred Via Dolorosa until you arrive at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Church is the most sacred spot and an important pilgrimage site of Christians, believe to be the crucifixion spot of Jesus. Stop for a few minutes to admire the ancient architecture before you step inside and don’t miss the holy relics that will blow your mind.

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Also, the empty Edicule shrine of Jesus will definitely send chills down your spine. Just next to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Ethiopian Monastery will catch your attention, displaying frescoes that depict Queen of Sheba’s Jerusalem visit. Climb to the top of the Bell Tower located in Lutheran Church of the Redeemer and you will be rewarded with enchanting views of the whole city. Being in the area, don’t skip the oldest church in Jerusalem, the Church of St. John the Baptist.  

The Armenian Quarter

Rewind the clock when you walk through the cobblestoned streets and narrow lanes of the ancient Armenian Quarter. Clean, tranquil, and distant! Being the most peaceful part of Jerusalem, the Armenian Quarter will give you a glimpse of the local culture and lifestyle of this small community. Pass by the ancient St. Mark Chapel and you can’t help but fall in love with its ornately-decorated structure and sacred vibes. Fancy some art and history? -The Armenian Compound will steal your heart, with its fortress-like structure and 4,000 manuscripts that date back to the 10th century. Also, the 12-century St. James Cathedral must atop your sightseeing bucket list, being the major church in the quarter.  

The Jewish Quarter

Go back in time as you tour the ancient Jewish Quarter that was destroyed and rebuilt various times since 1967. The Jerusalem Archaeological Park is the main highlight of this neighborhood with no doubt, with interesting archaeological remains. The place is packed with a cluster of memorable religious synagogues, including Hurva synagogue, with its distinguished architecture. Want to mix adventure with history? – Let’s take you under the city and discover the Western Wall Tunnels. Yes, some action! 

Mount Zion

Mount Zion is an eye-catching hill that is glorified by various Jewish and Muslim shrines, in addition to many churches. Brimming with ancient constructions, Mount Zion houses many unique sights that interest history enthusiasts in particular. So, why is this place sacred? – It is the place, where Jesus had his last supper before the crucifixion. It is also believed that Virgin Mary spent her last days there. King David’s Tomb is the most notable landmark of Mount Zion, including the Room of the Last Supper. Walk east along the Old City wall, explore the magnificent ruins of the City of David, and marvel at the ancient tombs of Kidron Valley. While being in the area, why don’t pass by the Church of the Dormition, where the Virgin Mary died?  

Christian Tour from Jerusalem

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Can’t get enough of Jerusalem, right? – Let’s take you on a unique trip to discover all the hidden Christian treasures around Jerusalem. We will start with the picturesque village of Ein Kerem, the charming hill full of breathtaking landscapes and centuries-old holy sites. The refreshingly-quiet village will give you a scrumptious taste and holy feel of Jerusalem like no other. Visit the Grotto of St. John, believed to be the birthplace of St. John the Baptist.

Sea of Galilee is a must-go spot, jeweled with historical spots, minarets, national parks, and hot springs. Showcasing magic and awesomeness, explore the holy town of Capernaum, Jesus’s “Own City,” and get stunned by Peters House. Stand on the top of the Mountain of the Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered the Sermon, and marvel at the prominent Tabgha Church. Want to add some spice to your trip? – Sail along the sea in a boat, similar to the one used by Jesus and his disciplines.

Bethlehem; Home of Jesus

Top 12 Religious Places in Jerusalem to visit | the Holy Sites

Ever wanted to visit the birthplace of Jesus? – Open the gates to the ancient times when you visit the memorable town of Bethlehem! The Church of the Nativity is the top of any sightseeing itinerary in Jerusalem, believed to be the birthplace of Jesus. Stepping inside, you will be able to see the exact spot, Grotto of the Nativity, marked by a silver star. Milk Grotto, Shepherd’s Field, Mar Saba Monastery, St. Theodosius Monastery, and Solomon’s Pools are the outstanding highlights of Bethlehem. Escape the crowds, head to Herodium Hill, and get astonished by the untarnished natural scenery of the surroundings. Another historical spot, Hebron is a remarkable spot for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. Its key of interest lies in housing the Tomb of the Patriarchs, where Prophets Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac were buried.   

Ready to hit the Sacred places in Jerusalem?

If you’re traveling to Jordan, you can travel to Jerusalem and live thousands of incredible moments in the Holy City. With so many spots, it can be overwhelming. You can’t make it to all the prominent destinations. But, one comprehensive trip will take you to the famous religious and historical landmarks, leaving you with memories of a lifetime. Check our Jerusalem packages and don’t forget to reward yourself with an appealing Aqaba Trip to immerse yourself in the Red Sea’s charm.

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